Steps – Cheltenham

  On a high from their 20th anniversary “party on the Dancefloor” arena tour at the end of 2017, Steps are back! The pop quintet kicked off the summer of Steps tour in Cheltenham, bringing along 2016 X factor runner up Saara Aalto and Brit award winning 2000’s boy band blue Steps appeared from on the stage having been concealed with the colourful flags and launched straight into “Summer of Love”.  The high energy and dancing continued, and the crowd didn’t have to wait long until the band donned sliver fringed jackets for “5, 6, 7, 8” – which H pointed out was the bands first single 21 years ago! The whole crowd joined in with the famous dance routine and that’s it, everyone was lost in the music (and dancing!). It wasn’t long before a quick costume change into doctor and nurse outfits behind some hospital screens and it was time for “Chain reaction”, a cover of the classic Diana Ross song that earned them a No.2 in the charts back on 2001. A little later in the set the dancers came on stage in sliver all in one suits, and disco balls on their heads dancing to Abba’s “voulez vous”. Allowing for Steps to have a little longer to change costumes again. The next 6 songs included an impressive medley; covering everything from The first album “Step one” right through to “Tears on the Dance floor” uniting both old and new Steps fans. After just over an hour of being on stage, Steps were waving goodbye and thanking everyone for coming out to the first night of the tour. The crowd continued to cheer while we waited for the final costume change of the night – just in time for “deeper shade of blue”, finishing off the set was 1998 single “one for sorrow” which saw everyone in the crowd joining in the moves. One more set of goodbyes and thanks yous and Steps left the stage. We knew it was coming. We weren’t leaving until we heard it. It was what everyone was waiting for. TRAGEDY!!! Complete with the dance routine, a brilliant way to end a high energy set. If you’re a child of the 90’s and enjoy a bit of cheesy pop it is an amazing night out, and you won’t be disappointed. Steps both sound and look better than they did the first time around, and you certainly won’t be out of place if you still remember all the dance moves! Setlist: Summer of love better the devil you know 5,6,7,8 Say you’ll be mine The way that you make me feel Chain reaction Heartbeat Stomp Glitter and gold No more tears on the dancefloor Better best forgotten Last thing on my mind Neon Blue Love U more You’ll be sorry After the love has gone Love’s got a hold of my heart Deeper shade of blue One for sorrow. Tragedy.

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