What’s better than seeing one of the hottest pop-rock bands around rock an arena show? Seeing them do it twice in one night, of course! That’s what thousands of lucky All Time Low fans experienced when they gathered at Birmingham’s Genting Arena this week for night three of the band’s five-date arena tour of the UK. Whilst the posters dubbed it the ‘The Young Renegades’ tour, the American four-piece were also scheduled for an opening set featuring (almost!) all of the tracks from ‘So Wrong, It’s Right’ – an album which became 10 years old in September. Fast forward a decade and the band have endured tremendously, picking up new stacks of new fans along the way. Opening the show were award-winning Horror-Punk act CREEPER, who put on a solid performance of heavy, occasionally haunting tracks. They treated us to a fast paced set with a chaotic stage presence right up until the end, when they slowed things down and turned the audience into swaying fireflies in the darkness for their final track ‘Misery’. With that, Creeper’s black, skull-emblazoned backdrop lowered, revealing a cloth backdrop for the night’s next support act – the headliners, but from 10 years ago! All Time Low graced a stripped-back stage and took the arena on a trip down memory lane – playing through each track from ‘So Wrong, It’s Right’ in their original order, pausing for brief moments of banter in between.
A few more spot-on renditions of All-Time Low classics and the band wrapped up the support set with ‘Poppin’ Champagne’, acknowledging that they’d deliberately left track six out of their otherwise faithful live-album performance. Another short break whilst the stage was prepped for the main set, which saw the band return to a much flashier setup with nothing held back. A full-length video backdrop set the scene as they launched straight into ‘Last Young Renegade’ to kick things off, followed by a brief moment of darkness… then an explosion of confetti and streamers filled the arena as the crowd lost their minds to ‘Lost in Stereo’.
‘Backseat Serenade’ was up next, followed by a short trip down the runway to grab a gift of some cookies from a fan! The four-plus-one piece (the band are accompanied on stage by former Boys Like Girls member Bryan Donohue on backup guitar) continued to tear through an awesome 14-track main set, spacing out their hits between album tracks, occasionally punctuating the performance with an additional pop of streamers or pyro. A lovely moment before ‘Missing You’ saw fans grace the big screen to tell us how All Time Low have had an impact on their lives, a well placed introduction to one of the bands more emotionally-charged tracks. The headline set saw the pace slow down a bit towards the end, with ‘Therapy’ and ‘Dirty Laundry’ leading into set-closer ‘Afterglow’. Still aware of that missing track-six from the first set, the calls for an encore grew until the thousands in attendance shook the arena bowl by stomping and clapping in unison – bringing the band back to the stage for a three-song encore to close out the night. ‘Damned if I Do Ya (Damned if I Don’t)’ picked the energy back up, followed by a brief dip for ‘Good times’ and then a MASSIVE pop from the crowd for the night’s final track – held back from the first set to bring things back around full circle at the end – ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’. One last shower of confetti wrapped up an incredible performance from a band who’ve managed to keep their mix of pop/punk/rock at the forefront of the British music scene for over a decade. Originally written for and  posted on: www.gigjunkies.com

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